Art in Science – Kids Creativity Camp

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Are you someone who likes art and the great outdoors? Well our “Art in Science” kids camp is a perfect blend of natural aspects mixed with creative crafts and science experiments!

The week begins with test tube name tags and science related cooking activities, followed by nature based learning tours of the public museum, paper mache volcano crafts and physical, themed activities. When considering the Art within Science, camp leader Sarah tried to find connections between learning and creativity. The conclusion drawn was that not only did they correlate, but that we were in fact a necessary combination. With many art activities, science is in fact a partial element and within science and nature art can be found anywhere. The dynamics of this week’s theme will bring important aspects of creativity into the world of the youngsters involved, it will be an engaging and interesting week and the perfect way to finish off our Creativity Camps for the year.

Our Kids Creativity Camps are open to children ages 6-12, costing $135/week each child. The “Art in Science” camp will be running from August 21st-25th, and is still open for registration. All information and inquiries can be addressed by calling us at the Shatford or by dropping in directly to the, where you can register through the office!



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