Book Launch – Powered by Love – 2 – 4 pm, Oct 29, Poplar Grove

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Join the Grandmothers for Africa for the Book Launch with Special Guests: Alexis MacDonald, Photographer; Dr Tesfanesh, Ethiopia and Etabezahu Beyene, Ethiopia for the launch of Powered By Love – A Grandmothers’ Movement to End AIDS in Africa 

By the time the AIDS pandemic in Africa had reached its height in the early 2000s, millions of children had been orphaned. In the face of overwhelming loss, the grandmothers of Africa stepped in to hold families and communities together. Author Joanna Henry and photographer Alexis MacDonald visited eight African countries, interviewing and photographing hundreds of grandmothers (including Sarah Obama, Barack Obama’s grandmother) who are reclaiming hope and resurrecting lives. The extraordinary images and stories of resourceful women fighting for a better future make Powered by Love an inspiration for everyone.

Writes journalist-social activist Michele Landsberg, “We thought we knew what was happening in Africa when the AIDS pandemic raged across the continent, sweeping away 35 million lives. But we never knew it the way this book reveals it, in the shockingly intimate voices of the grandmothers who had to save the abandoned children when no one else was left alive. These voices will leap straight into your heart. Their unguarded faces, in portraits that glow with character, pain and humour, will captivate you.”

In 2006, the Stephen Lewis Foundation launched a campaign to engage Canadian grandmothers to support their African sisters. The Grandmothers Campaign, now a movement 10,000 strong, has raised over $25 million that has gone directly into the hands of African grandmothers and their grassroots organizations. Powered by Love joins this campaign by telling the story of these indomitable women and by directing all royalties from the sale of the book to African grandmothers raising children orphaned by AIDS.

Joanna Henry is the director of program communications at the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, a labour and human rights lawyer, is co-founder and executive director of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Alexis MacDonald is the director of external relations at the Stephen Lewis Foundation and a Toronto-based photographer.
Book Launch will run from 2 – 4 pm on Oct 29th. Poplar Grove is located at 435 Middle Bench Road, Penticton. 

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