Fire Trucks, Bud Howell, Fire Alarm and Pen High Grads!

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Issy Veneables (PH 2004); Dick Harris (PH 1968); Captain Graham Gowe (PH 1980); Bud Howell, (Former SD 67 Custodian) and Mike Sutherland (PH 1995) after October 5th false alarm.

Bud, is a Naramatian and former custodian for School District 67 when he used to take care of the Shatford building, from time to time, along with other schools. We have always been so appreciative that Bud volunteers at the Shatford Centre as he has since the Okanagan School of the Arts moved here in 2011. We appreciate that Bud winterizes things and checks on the boilers, the pumps and the machinery that keep the building operating.

Early Thursday morning, Bud Howell and Dick Harris began a routine fire alarm test at the Shatford Centre. They began bright and early at 7:30 am. As part of the protocol for this, Bud called the alarm company and informed them that we were doing an alarm test and when the signal came in they should not be concerned. He explained carefully that it would show up as Penticton High School and that the Shatford is listed below this. Unfortunately, the alarm company screwed this up and within minutes of Bud and Dick testing the alarm, we heard the fire truck and sure enough they arrived. We quickly informed the firemen that this was a test and they settled down. It was then that Graham Gowe talked about being a Pen High Grad and his connection to this heritage building. The other Fireman that attended, Mike Sutherland, and Firewoman, Issy Venables, also were Pen High Grads and it was nice to talk about saving the Shatford building and reminisce about days gone by. We talked about how we had the Class of 1957 60th Reunion the night before.  

It was an unplanned gathering of people who are connected to the Shatford Centre and it was also gratifying to hear how much people appreciate saving this historic building, especially the Pen High Alumni. This helps us all to continue to feel passionate about ‘beautifying and restoring’ the building. 

Dick Harris is the Director of Facilities, which we affectionately have renamed Director of Beautification and Restoration. This is an enormous responsibility with so many important tasks and routines to perform. Dick is pleased to work with Bud to learn more about the operations of this heritage building. 

There is an Open House on October 17th and everyone is invited to learn more about how we can all be part of the Shatford Centre, through volunteering, buying a membership, donating or using the extensive facilities. We would like this community facility to not only survive but to thrive!  

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