Special thanks to Eva Antonijevic, Victoria Ritchie & Margie Colclough!

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We are very grateful to have our first Garden Artisans Program completed, thanks to the efforts of Eva, Victoria and Margie. This series provided a great opportunity to learn about how the program will work in the future. 

Youth, aged 10 – 17, as part of a drop in program at the Okanagan Boys & Girls Club, met at the Shatford Centre and learned about horticulture and cooking with ‘hands on’ instruction by some pretty masterful people. Generally the four hour sessions began in the garden, where food was harvested together and watering was done. Then the food was taken to the kitchen where delicious foods were prepared together. Dishes, such as: Lentil & Chick Pea Green Salad, Basil Pesto, Zucchini & Pasta, Vegetable Stir Fry, Pico de Gallo, Caesar Salad, Risotto were created along with desserts such as Healthy Zucchini Bread, Peach & Cherry Crumble, Irish Oatmeal Cookies and amazing Fruit Ice Cream. It was a real pleasure to provide facilities with the Demonstration Garden and Rotary Community Learning Kitchen! 

A grant from Telus has made this project possible allowing youth to learn the basics of the ‘garden to plate’ approach to food.

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