Hedy’s Love of Art Through Her 94 Years

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Hedy Munawych celebrated her birthday on August 1st and part of her celebration was to have an exhibition of her paintings at the Hamlets where she lives. Hedy is 94 years old and her best subject was art in school. She became an artist, lived in the arctic, has had exhibitions and even has had her own TV show in Edmonton where she shared her love of arts and crafts. In a recent article, Hedy was quoted as saying: “I paint so that people can see through my eyes the beauty of this world. I feel the desire to paint in my heart.That God created such a beautiful world for all of us really motivates me to paint what I see.”

Hedy has a nice sized room on the 4th (top) floor of the Hamlets and her windows face north, which she says is the best light and view for painting. She witnessed beautiful sunsets from her balcony and although she went through some health challenges a year ago, she says that “The spirit of life has filled me up again. I have created 20 news original pieces this year and want to share them with the world.”    

When asked about turning 94 and facing one’s mortality, she offers simple advice. “Be proud that you’ve reached the age that you have. We must have eaten something right and isn’t it wonderful that we’ve been about to become the age we have.” 

Her decades of art work include oil, acrylic and watercolour florals, landscapes, portraits and copper enamelling. Best wishes to Hedy and her desire to share her love of creating beautiful art. 

Excerpts from the Penticton Herald article have been used in this article.  

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