Volunteer Carol Perry recognized for her outstanding service to the Shatford Centre!

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Carol Perry is an inspiration to us all at the Shatford Centre with her enthusiasm, expertise and energy. It was heartwarming for Volunteer Chair Louise Punnett to award her with a certificate for her outstanding work at the 2017 Volunteer and Membership Appreciation held on April 18th. Carol also received a periwinkle blue golf shirt with the Shatford Centre, Okanagan School of the Arts logo!  

Carol likes to be busy and accomplishing things and we appreciate what she does very much. After two years with us, Carol does a wide range of activities, such as decorating the reception area with lovely displays, arranging flowers and centrepieces for the table centres sometimes with a nominal budget, organizing the storage room, helping with set ups and takedowns, baking delicious desserts, greeting guests, helping in the kitchen with food preparation and sometimes even the dishes, and so much more. 

Carol comes up with great ideas and initiates them, such as setting up the reception desk in the entryway. Carol not only came up with the idea, she actually brought it all together, which included finding the initial team, training them, setting up the system. It was masterful and we are truly thankful! When our receptionists are at the desk to answer the phones and greet guests, this makes a world of difference for the office.  

Carol is such a great help it is hard to even describe it. When we had our Canadian Felting Symposium last September, which was the largest event we have ever had while at the Shatford Centre, Carol was with us through that week with bells on! It was so nice to work alongside her to do what we could to help our guests have a quality experience.

Another time, Carol and I had been talking about fundraisers and in February we had a last minute workshop booking that lasted all day for 8 days. This was quite the commitment because it included continental breakfasts, coffee breaks and lunch.  Carol was so helpful, with set up, food prep, desserts, table settings, clean up. This made a world of difference and at the end of the eight days we decided that this was our February fundraiser after all!   

Carol is a lot of fun too! She was a great sport when we went to see the Gleaners in Oliver, a sort of field trip! We had a nice tour of the facility, met with the volunteers, watched them in action cleaning and dehydrating food that they ship around the world. I am looking forward to taking Carol on another field trip one day because Carol has done a lot however there is one thing that Carol has never done and that is go to Costco. There are a few special things that Carol likes that are available there and I hope that this experience will be a real treat. 

There are many people to appreciate at the Shatford Centre who give their time, creativity and expertise for this organization and building. This year, we wanted to showcase Carol who is such an important part of the Shatford team. Thank you Carol for all that you do! 




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