‘You Are A Node In The Universe – Part 2 – Nov 14th

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Chris Purton will give a second presentation on this interesting topic. His first talk ‘Your terrestrial era’ on Oct 10th was well received by the audience with much interest to hear more of the big picture entitled ‘Your cosmic era’ in which a consideration of the time you spent in space as part of the stars and interstellar clouds shows that, actually, you are a node of all the cosmic materials that make up our Universe. It will be held 2 pm – 3:30 pm, Nov 14th, Shatford Centre 

Chris Purton, bon vivant and radio astronomer extraordinaire, origins in Central Canada a very long time ago with many years as a student both there and in England, pursuing physics and astronomy. Studenthood was followed by a bout as Professor at York University, then as a Research Scientist at the Radio Observatory at White Lake (mostly — there was a tour of duty at an observatory in Hawaii as part of that). A prevailing interest throughout was talking to the general public about what he’d learned during his career. Now retired, that interest has morphed into preparing a book “You and the Universe’’, eleven years in the making and counting. The presentations at the Shatford are a preview of that book.

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