Okanagan Valley Art Fair Call To Artists, Shatford Centre

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The Okanagan Valley Art Fair is underway, with the dates set for May 5th and 6th at the Shatford Centre.
Spaces will be rented out to artists to display their work. Space is around 80 to 100 square feet and we would allow up to three artists to share space if they wish.
Cost to rent space is $150.00 plus tables at $10.00 each if they need a table.
Artists are responsible for their own set up and equipment to display their work.  The artists will set up on Saturday, May 5th between 9 and 3 pm and show will start at 5 until 9.  On this evening there will be a wine reception where appies will be available and wine for sale to those attending.
The show will continue on Sunday from 10 to 4 pm.  Artists will then take their displays down at that time.
If you know of any artists wishing to participate please have them contact the Shatford Centre at info@shatfordcentre.com to get an application or Bill Everden, chair/OVAF at bill@everdenrust.com.
It would also be nice to have different types of art such as jewelery and pottery etc.
Twelve spaces are rented at this point from artists out of town.  In these 12 spaces will be approx. 21 artists.   

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