‘to-pog-ra-phy’ Exhibition, Summerland Arts Centre until September 23rd!

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Summerland Community Arts Council presents “to·pog·ra·phy”, arranging nature in Western Canada by Merle Somerville, which runs until September 23rd, 2017 at the Summerland Arts Centre. Gallery hours are 10am – 4pm Monday to Saturday. 

British Columbia’s togography is astoundingly diverse. Both Alberta and BC are graced with an abundance of natural splendors with the warmest, the driest, and the wettest climates in Canada.  It is unrivaled by any other provinces.  Within its borders are sun-baked deserts, towering rain forests, rolling alpine meadows and magnificent mountain peaks.  I have learned that making photographs depends not only upon being enthusiastic and connected to what one is photographing, but also upon understanding light.

Merle has been photographing landscapes for over 30 years. His passion for finding the perfect image, has led him to photographing more than 100 British Columbia parks and over 30 Parks in the United States. He has scouted locations in Australia, Central America, the Mediterranean, and the South Pacific. Since receiving his Canadian Master’s in Photography in 1988, his work has been published by several national magazines, tourism marketers and the Knowledge Network in celebrating British Columbia’s 150th Anniversary. In 2014, Merle achieved his American Master of Photography, one of fifteen in Canada to receive this coveted Honor.



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