Shatford Centre – Garden to Garden Artisans Project Report

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Special thanks to TELUS Community Grants for their grant to the Okanagan School of the Arts to help develop this exciting Garden to Kitchen Program!  


Okanagan Boys and Girls Club ‘Drop-In’ program caters to the ages of 10 – 17 years old. Our  Garden to Kitchen Artisan’s Program had 9 sessions this summer which had a total attendance of 25 students and 4 adults.


The vegetable garden was constructed onsite in a former parking lot area and was accomplished by reducing parking space in order to install raised garden beds for growing vegetables, complete with deer proof fencing.

Every session started with the visit to the garden. Vegetables were tended, watered and harvested.


  • Risotto served with kale chips and runner beans
  • Spaghetti with our own pesto and our own Greek salad
  • New potatoes as oven fries
  • Salsa
  • Berries with cream
  • Irish Oatmeal cookies
  • Cherry Oatmeal cookies
  • Peach and Cherry Crumble
  • Fruit salad (peaches, cherries, apricots, black berries)
  • Glory Bowl
  • Frozen fruit natural ice cream
  • Sponge cake with cream and fruit

TELUS Community Board donation, enabled us to pilot a program of the South Okanagan with the benefits of learning about food security and nutritional health by youth being directly involved in growing, harvesting, cooking and consuming their own vegetables grown at the Shatford vegetable garden and Rotary Community Learning Kitchen under the guidance of experienced elders, master gardeners and chefs.

This pilot program can be further developed as an Intergenerational Landed Learning program. This curriculum based program increases the caring capacity of the community and the environmental education of the students and is of benefit to all who reside in the Okanagan valley.

Shatford Centre is surrounded by local schools and it would be easy for teachers to bring their classes to the gardens and our kitchen.


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