The Social Life of Water on display with Resurgence

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 Segments of the Social Life of Water are part of the Resurgence Exhibition which is on display until September 10th, 2017 at the Shatford Centre. Dr Jeannette and Richard Armstrong are key contributors to ‘The Social Life of Water’ project. The full exhibition will be on display at the Penticton Museum in the summer of 2018.

The Social Life of Water in the Okanagan Valley is a multimedia museum exhibition that uses art, audio and visual media, and storytelling to explore our water and the diverse meanings that water holds and has held for the many communities, cultures and interest groups in the valley over time. In addition to exploring the past and present, the exhibition examines our relationship with water in the future, inviting participants to imagine how we might have a more responsible relationship with our water. 

The Social Life of Water is a collaborative undertaking between the Kelowna Museums Society, the Okanagan Nation Alliance, the University of British Columbia (Okanagan) and the Sncewips Heritage Museum.


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of the individuals and organizations that made this project possible.

In particular, the hard work, dedication and collaborative spirit of the project partners allowed the various pieces that comprise this complex project to be woven together.

Although many people from these organizations helped this project along in various capacities, the following individuals made up the core project team:

Aleksandra Dulic, artistic direction
Christine Mettler, project production
Jasmine Marshall, curatorial assistance
Jeannette Angel, experiential learning design
John Wagner, content development
Jordan Coble, curatorial assistance
Kathy Holland, curatorial assistance
Kenneth Newby, audio installation
Linda Digby, project proponent
Sarah Alexis, curatorial assistance

We recognize the contributions and creative development of Bowen Matheson, Coralee Miller, KayKaitkw Hall, Liam Leppard, Matt Fritter, Richard Potts, Ricki-Lynn Achilles, Tara Hurley, Taylor Siemens, and the Kelowna Museums Society’s exhibits, archives and programming staff. These individuals all helped tremendously to articulate, design, and construct this exhibition.

This exhibition draws deeply from the knowledge of Okanagan community members, many of whom contributed to the exhibition in different ways. The following individuals contributed to the exhibition, by sharing one or a combination of their knowledge, voices, materials, skills and expertise:

Anna Warwick Sears, Anne Marie Estrada, Brian Guy, Carolina Restrepo, Corinne Jackson, Debbie Gibson, Delphine Derrickson, Don Dobson, Don Gayton, Eva Rae Angel-Fox, Etta Marguerite Angel Fox
Fern Helfand, Harold Rhenish, Howard Hisdal, Ian Chriton, Gerard Cadger, Jeannette Armstrong, Jeff Willard, Jennifer Miles, Jonathan Vaughn, Joseph Pauls, Kodie Bleckley, Lael Parrott, Lori Mairs, Luke Gibson, Marlowe Sam, Marta Green, Miles Thorogood, Nancy Holmes, Natasha Lukey, Pauline Terbasket, Pinder Dhaliwal, Phillip Wyness, Randi Fox, Renee Clark, Richard Armstrong, River Dushan Dunn, Robert Lalonde, Ryan Van Vee, Scott Martin, Shimshon Obadia, Susan Latimer, Suzan Lapp
Tara Kisha Dunn, Ted Van Der Gulik, Teresa Marshall, Trinity Fox, Wayne Wilson

The following organizations also generously contributed content to this project:

Associated Engineering
City of Osoyoos
Ecoscape Environmental Consultants
Institute for Community Engaged Research
Lake Country Museum
Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Project
Okanagan Institute for Biodiversity, Resilience & Ecosystem Services
Okanagan Xeriscape Association
Peachland Museum
Penticton Museum and Archives
Regional District of North Okanagan
Tourism Kelowna
Tourism Penticton
Tourism Vernon

Finally, we would like to acknowledge our funders that made this project possible.



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