Viewing of The Fallen Feather at Naramata Church Hall

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You have likely been reading and hearing about Truth and Reconciliation quite a lot over the last year or two. The media, arts groups and other organizations have been offering a variety of opportunities for expanding our knowledge of the history of Indigenous people in Canada.

If you have been wondering how you could learn more you are encouraged to come to a viewing of “The Fallen Feather” at 2 pm, Sunday, January 21st at Naramata Church Hall. This documentary provides an in-depth explanation of the driving forces behind the creation of Canadian Indian Residential Schools.

“Between 1879 and 1986, upwards of 100,000 children in Canada were forcibly removed and placed into Indian Industrial Residential Schools. Their unique culture was stripped away to be replaced with a foreign European identity. Their family ties were cut, parents were forbidden to visit their children, and the children were prevented from returning home.”

 This film is the story of what our local Indigenous friends endured for 84 years right here in the Thompson Okanagan District. It is not an easy story to witness. However there will be opportunities for questions and discussion afterwards.

For more information contact Kristi Lind at 250-496-5048 or

This event is sponsored by the local “Truth and Reconciliation Group” and the Naramata Community Church.

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