Volunteer Team Paints Exhibition Areas

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‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ and when team members got together all went well under the direction of Dick Harris, Chair of Restoration and Beautification and Louise Punnett, Chair of the Volunteer Committee. The project was to paint the main floor exhibition walls in preparation of the new exhibition ‘ Art from the Heart’ that opens Thursday, February 15th. Many thanks to everyone who helped this happen! 

Work Party Team Members were Bruce Kay, Dave Morgrenstern, Dick Harris, Faith Greenwood, Georgia Krebs, Jane Shaak, Karen Collins, Louise Punnett, Niels Pedersen, Peter Spek, Rick Gray, Roger Yeo, Sharon Snow, Sigrid Boersma, Sue Gibbons and Trish Harris. The total volunteer hours were 126. 

Louise Punnett and Trish Harris made a delicious lunch for the appreciative crew. 

To keep the momentum going and to prepare for a yard sale in the spring, Dick sent out the following e-mail. If you are interested in helping out, please call 250-770-7668 for information:

Hi Guys,
Hardly have we completed a very successful painting work party and we are planning another work party for Saturday, Feb.17th at 9am.
Our objective is to start reorganizing our storage rooms in the basement to better utilize the space and remove a buildup of clutter. We will enter everything into three categories…..stuff to save, stuff to put into our Spring Yard Sale, and stuff to take to the landfill.
This work party will involve some lifting, could be somewhat dusty and dirty.
If you are able to make this event, it would be very much appreciated. I would suggest wearing old clothes and bring a pair of gloves.
Once again, the ladies at the Shatford Centre will be supplying us with a wholesome lunch and goodies.
Please let me know if you are able to attend and thank you once again for your continued enthusiasm .

Dick Harris


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