Dick Harris has the Worker Bee Challenge figured out!

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Dick, Trish Harris and artist Lynn Greene were considering how to move this 300+ pound sculpture, named Worker Bee, to the Shatford Centre. Dick has some very good ideas of building a crate for it and then bolting on 4 handles so that 4 strong people can lift this onto the truck. There will lots of additional ideas however this is a good start. 

Many thanks to Lynn for her donation of this artful sculpture. She has loving designed and built this bee on a flower for the Shatford. Dick Harris will be in charge of moving the sculpture and it will be a challenge because it is very heavy, having been made with concrete and also with its flower pedestal base, so lifting it will be difficult. So far we have discussed creating a crate like container to protect it during its journey at the Shatford Centre. One day we hope you will get a chance to see it at the Shatford and in the meantime, if you are strong and would like to help with this project, give us a call at 250-770-7668 and we will let Dick know! 

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