Pam de GrootA life-long passion for arts and crafts has seen me touch on many and varied fields of expertise. In 1989 I completed a studio ceramics course and worked as a successful studio potter for many years. After the birth of my third son in 2000, I decided to move away from pottery and was drawn to the area of fibre art. I now work predominately with wool, silk and other natural fibres, combining methods of felting, embroidery and dyeing to create art works, garments and accessories.
I am inspired by so many things and find it difficult to pin point exactly what it is that drives each piece. I can, however, recognize some persistent influences. Nature is the most amazing thing around us and an accessible source of wonderment from which to draw ideas. I think a hangover from my potting days is an obsession with form. I strongly believe that with a good form the rest will follow. The spiral was a dominant feature of my pottery and is revisited in my felt. My work is informed by the natural world, its shapes and the materials under my hands. I learned long ago that if you respect these things the object will do your bidding. I hope to excite the viewer with the possibilities and mysteries of this ancient craft as we continue to explore the seemingly endless depths of its potential for art.

If you are not familiar with Pam de Groot, please take the time to explore the numerous sculptural pieces, felted garments, wearable art and accessories that Pam has created in her artistic practice. She is incredibly talented and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to learn from her.

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