Stephanos LiapisBorn in Vancouver to Greek immigrant parents, Stephanos grew up working in the family restaurant business. He was a curious boy who wanted to know how things worked. At age 4, he would stand on a milk crate so he could reach the counter and help his father roll pizza dough into balls. “Use your thumbs to push the dough into the center, then roll it on the counter to make a tight ball,” his father would instruct. Stephanos took instructions well and by the time he was 14, his father would lay off one of the cooks during the summer months and Stephanos would do the cooking. Some years later, he and his brother purchased the family business. They then started a jazz club in the basement and soon the brothers were working harder than ever and enjoying their success. A few years later, Stephanos wanted to spread his wings a little and they sold their businesses.
Stephanos went back to school, trained as an English teacher, then proceeded to teach English to international students in Canada and abroad. He traveled to Asia and Europe to teach English and experience foreign cultures. Some of the best times he had were during meals. Being exposed to all these new and different foods changed Stephanos’ appetite – he now wanted to eat interesting and delicious food all the time. Sadly, it is not always easy to find such great food in stores or restaurants, so Stephanos decided to work on his cooking skills. He began reading cookbooks, experimenting with recipes and cooking techniques and perfecting his palate to ensure he could create just about any dish he wanted. Motivated by his desire and passion for good food, he opened a café in Penticton. Soon he had a loyal following of satisfied customers and was enjoying success.
He and his wife sold the café in 2014, and Stephanos is now a private chef, caterer and restaurant consultant. He just released his first cooking video which can be found on youtube- search: Creative Cooking with Stephano June 15, 2015. Although he is not a specialist in any cuisine in particular, his cooking style is influenced by Southern European and Southeast Asian foods. He is also a fan of any authentic home-cooked dishes or food prepared with respect for the ingredients and the people eating it.

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