Membership Month – What are the Benefits?

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As membership month begins its second week and first #membershipmonday, we at The Shatford feel it is important to supply the public with a clear understanding of the benefits. For only $20, a membership will pay for itself quickly and over and over again in savings. Okanagan School of the Arts members are offered discounts on a multitude of events and programs. For example, at the end of this month Julie Blue brings “Sing your Heart Open” to our facility, and with a $22 dollar discount for OSA members, buying both a membership and signing up for a course such as this would leave you with an extra $2 in your pocket right away, just enough to buy yourself a congratulatory coffee. The savings extend until March 2018, and the more you utilize The Shatford to expand your artistic side, the more savings you will receive. With everything from cooking classes to music, visual arts and more, there really is something for everyone. Come by and check it out and we look forward to serving all of our new and returning members!

Membership sign up page: Click Here

more about Julie Blue Sing your Heart Open: Click Here

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