Mastering Acrylics – Part II – with David Langevin


Mastering Acrylics II is an advanced workshop and is an extension of the first workshop, Mastering Acrylics (MA I), which is also a prerequisite for this workshop.  

We will use the principles and techniques covered in MA I and apply them in 2 guided painting exercises:  One with a colored underpainting; the other using a tonal underpainting, or ‘grisaille’.

Here is a list of the supplies you will need:  
-Graphite pencils, India ink pens (Pigma or Faber Castel)
-Acrylic paints, heavy body and fluids too if you have them
-Acrylic Gloss Medium – not Gel medium and not Golden’s Glazing Liquid
-Large water container and rags
-paint brushes and palette
-3 painting supports, approx. 16×20 (canvas or painting board)
-Reference material and photographs are not required.  

Class size is limited – early registration is recommended.

David currently lives in Kamloops and is sought after as a knowledgeable speaker, workshop presenter and writer (i.e. contributor to our FCA- Art Avenue). His work is in galleries around the world. Initially self taught, he finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Ottawa and spent several years perfecting his painting skills. 

David’s painting style is somewhat unique. He uses an elaborate system of layers of transparent and translucent paint, called glazes and veils, as well as a variety of texture effects that create dramatic images of his subjects. Having studied the painting methods of his favourite historical painters like Da Vinci, Correggio, Titian, Caravaggio, Ruebens, and Rembrandt, to name a few, he has developed a system of painting that is part Renaissance, part Canadian. Results are extraordinary with light and color.

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Course Information


Saturday and Sunday, June 16 and 17, 2018




9 am to 4 pm


David Langevin


Shatford Centre, 760 Main Street, Penticton


Visual Arts


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