STEM Day Camp: Focus on Robotics


STEM Day Camp: Focus on Robotics (For science lovers and builders, ages 8 to 12)
“STEM education is essential tool to cope with the future world. The necessity of STEM education is well established. A well researched component of STEM is the introduction of Robotics to the future scientists where they will be introduced to a cohesive environment of challenges and creativity. A STEM camp is designed for the first time in the Okanagan region where the participants will be introduced to a well researched learning system called Edison. Edison is a robot packed with sensors and motors which not only follow commands but also can communicate with other Edison units. Participants will be introduced to basic programming of the Edison robots, learn math skills, engage in team work and compete in a sumo bot wrestling. This camp will be the first stepping stone towards the future of STEM education.”  STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Math
This camp is led by a BC certified teacher, youth helpers, and engineers. And it is brought to you as a collaboration between Kodabot, The South Okanagan House of Science, and The Shatford Centre. 
We will have outdoor breaks, games, and visits to the museum across the street as well.
Cost: $250.00 per participant (participants need to sign up for the whole week)  – class size is limited so register early to avoid disappointment.
A Typical Camp Day for Your Young Scientist
9:00 am – drop off
9:05 am – introductory games to remember or learn each other’s names and share what everyone likes to do. 
9:30 am –  set up robotics stations, safety talk
9:45 am – begin building! (everyone works on a first plan while instructors circulate to help) 
10:45 am – snack break 
11:00 am – coding a robot or continuing to build, individually paced as needed
12:00 pm – outside lunch on the grounds of the Shatford Centre
12:30 pm – cooperative games
1:00 pm – brainstorming session for ways to battle the robots
1:15 pm – coding, building, & battling the robots! 
2:15 pm – Visiting the museum across the street to see if robots can withstand the earthquake machine! 
3:45 pm – Return to Shatford Centre and afternoon snack
4:00 pm – putting away materials for next day
4:15 pm – games, riddles, and preparation for pick-up


Course Information


8 to 12 years




Shatford Centre, 760 Main Street, Penticton


9 AM to 4:30 PM


Monday to Friday August 20th to 24th


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